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Wellness Retreat (General Panchakarma)

14 days program , per day 3 hour session.

* Day 1 to Day 14 program ( one treatment per day )
* bhayngam (full body massage) and steam bath then hot shower, internal cleaning, detoxification programmed Per day session ( Helps in increasing density of bones, stress booster, helps in weight loose, rheumatism.
* Shirodhara (The Oil dripping Therapy) as required.
* Potily massage (Made of 30 Different Herbs)
* 1 facial. (Help in increasing the glow of skin)

About Panchakarma treatment program

Panchakarma is a treatment program for the body, mind and consciousness, that cleanses and rejuvenates. It is based on Ayurvedic principles, every human is unique phenomenon manifested through the five basic elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Combination of these elements are three doshas (tridosha): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and their balance is unique to each individual. When this doshic balance is disturbed it creates disorder resulting in disease. Panchakarma is done individually for each person with their specific constitution and specific disorder in mind, thus it requires close observation and supervision. Treatment starts with pre-purification Measures of Snehan and Svedana, and then cleansing methods – Shodanas are applied.

According to Ayurveda, every human being is a unique phenomenon of cosmic consciousness, manifested through the five basic elements—Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Vata—a combination of ether and air, pitta—a combination of fire and water, and kapha—a combination of water and earth, are called the tridosha.

You will get time for your own to either get Ayurvedic treatment and massage or to do sightseeing, live visiting the tiger reserve, Ranhe fall, the Western groups of temples which are famous for the tantric sculptures.

Khajuraho Airport Road ,Opp. Airport Colony , Khajuraho Distt. Chhatarpur , Madhya Pradesh(India)-471606 Email -

Package Includes

1. Pick up and drop from khajuraho airport or from khajuraho railway station
2. Accommodation: Home stay or budget property in khajuraho
3. Yoga and meditation (Optional)
4. One Complementary tour of khajuraho
5. Khajuraho sight seeing
6. Doctor Consultancy

Book Package

We also offer

Around khajuraho beside temple sightseeing their are lot of excursion place where people find them self close to nature.
1. panna national park ( where people can see wild life animal in jungle by open jeep safari)
2. pandav water fall
3. raneh water fall & crocodile santuary
4. outdoor picnic spots (tree top resturant in jungle)
5. outdoor yoga spots
6. self cooking program of ayurvedic food
7. kandariya dance program in evening( live perfomance of cultural dance on music)
8. light and sound show
9. old village tour