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Naturopathy Treatment

Naturopathy deals with the healing power of nature since it believes that all healing powers are within your body. This means that within every human organism there is a healing energy, which includes our immune system in the fuller sense of both the physical and the psyche, which is responsible for our wellness and our ability to heal and maintain health. Since we fall ill only when we go against Nature, the cause of diseases (toxins) is expelled from the body to cure it. Fasting has been described as Nature's way to recover. A thorough rest, which includes fasting, is the most favorable condition in which an ailing body can purify and recoup itself.


Mud corresponds to the Earth element of the five elements, which the universe is made up of. It has been in use since ages for curing many diseases. It is discovered that mud refreshes and rejuvenates the entire body, warding off lethargy. It is even considered very beneficial for healing wounds and skin diseases. Men can draw vital energy and strength by walking bare foot on the ground. Mud therapy includes mud pack and mud bath.


Hippocrates rightly said let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food. Importance of food in maintaining good health can't be denied. Several advanced dietary research studies have shown that different types of pro biotic elements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients help us ward off several health issues. Various types of fruits and vegetable juices have magical treatment capabilities. Especially, seasonal fruits and vegetables have great ability to increase our vital immunity (jeevani shakti). A balanced diet should contain all type of carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins & minerals, lacking any of these may lead to health related problems.
Avoid:- Dairy product, fried foods, deep fry dishes, non-vegetarian items, spice & junk food like bakery items and other variety of fast food.


1. Helps improve circulation and relax the muscles
2. Improves the digestive activity and sets right the metabolism
3. Local application helps relieve inflammations, swellings and reduces pain
4. Excellent in skin conditions without open lesions
5. Nourishes the skin
6. Conditions the hair
7. Specific kind of application relieves the stiffness of joints
8. Mud Therapy is a very safe & Natural method.

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